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[DRAFT] Temple of Sleep
Gentle thuds echoed through the long tunnel, the softly illuminated cavern was lit up with a blue shade and the walls were made of a smooth rock, etched with lines and waves that curled and shifted with the motion of water outside. Windows peering out into the depths met only a darkness, some tiny embers of blue and green lights glimmered in the distance but quickly dispersed as a tall, serpentine figure passed by the glass-outlook.
It was garbed in a gray robe, ornate stones tied around its neck and wrists loosely. Beyond its tribal attire, it walked bare through the tunnels. Its skin a deep blue, scales akin to sapphires lined its delicate flesh with a pale underbelly. A long wide tail reached from under its cloak and dragged along the floor, large fins running along its length, swiping from side to side as it walked. Fins and short spines continued up its back, poking through torn holes of its robe, reaching up its long neck and crowning just before its flat head and wide-brows. Its
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In a world of ice
It's dark. The sky was empty of clouds, of stars, your feet could feel the chilled crunch of snow beneath them and all around you was settled a thick layer of such, behind you was left a trail of prints left by you and ahead layed nothing but an endless field.
The world was coated in pale white, everywhere you looked was simple. Not a single creature's tracks could be found amongst all the snow, not a single print within sight save for your own.
You felt lost. Cold. Frustrated with the silence. Your blood boiled in annoyance as you let off a scream of absolute rage from your loneliness. Nothing happened. Your unleashed anger merely died in the wind, the chilling breeze which was forever present around you.
Your wandering continued for ages, you didn't know how long. It could have been hours, days, weeks or even months and you wouldn't be able to tell. Eventually your tiresome body gave up and you fell to the ground, panting with heavy breaths, staring into the pale white snow you notic
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United Kingdom
Hey, So!

I am Steven, or Paine. Though I'd much prefer to be called Insaru (or Insa)

I am an aspiring writer, and a roleplayer on the Argent Dawn EU server. My main character being... unsurprisingly... Insaru. I don't RP as often as I'd like but you're like to find me around duskwood if you are interested in some RP.

I mostly write about WoW or my own fictional world (which I do intend to eventually write a book about), I welcome criticism and opinions about my works but would prefer you keep it constructive and clean. Would rather not block anyone or be forced to remove any comments.

My WoW friends~
:iconzyvian: :iconsurealkatie: :iconinconspicuoushellcat: :iconshayochism:

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